Linnea Krepper is an artist and songwriter who up till now has gone unnoticed by the big audience. “Strange” – say the radio stations on the other side of the Atlantic who have already discovered her music.

She moved from her hometown Linköping to Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. Setbacks have been turned into successes, and the once shy young girl feels she is ready to conquer anything.

Hard work and dedication have made her the woman she is today – strong, confident and brave. She can proudly say that she knows who she is – both as an artist and as a person.

The rare mix of strength and softness in her voice and songs creates a unique sound that attracts more and more listeners.

Aiming to invest in an international career as an artist has always been the obvious choice for Linnea. Her popish sound and confident personality extends far beyond the borders of Sweden.


Her hunger and fearlessness is predicted to take her future career a long way. Through her music, she wants to inspire others to stand up and fight for their dreams, just like she always has. 

© 2017 by Linnea Krepper Music

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