Linnea Krepper is a name to remember. With her big voice and strong personality, this girl from Sweden has managed to get her music to the world on her own, and several radio stations have already fallen for her pop-sounding tunes.


Music has always been a big part of Linnea´s life. Ever since she was a little girl, she´s been singing in choirs and performing in musicals, dance shows and plays. At every graduation she took the stage and dazzled the audience with her strong voice and charisma. Growing up she was shy and timid, but that soon disappeared during college when she realized the great potential she had, and that´s when her vision of becoming an established international artist started to form itself. As an 18 year old she moved out of her hometown to go and study music. After some years of studies she started to make concrete plans in making connections with people in the business, writing songs and take every opportunity to perform for an audience.


The process to be the woman she is today has been long, but now she can proudly say that she knows who she is, both as an artist and as a person. Linnea has a certain authority that reflects in her music, and a rare mix of power and softness in her voice, which creates a unique sound. With her independent and driven personality she´s already played live on Swedish radio, performed at one of the biggest music festivals in the country, been interviewed by several Nordic magazines and released her own songs.


Today Linnea is just in the beginning of her future career as an artist. Her hunger and fearlessness will take her where she wants to go.  Even though the music business is a tough industry, the goal will always be to inspire others to fight for their dreams and have the courage to invest in what they truly love.

"Swedish pop artist Linnea Krepper set to release new single next week. The track is titled "Wanna Run Away With You" and this one is hot."

- Entrigue Magazine

"New Swedish pop treat incoming! Linnea Krepper has today released her new single ‘Color Me Blue’. It’s a synthpop belter with a big chorus – one which Linnea knocks out vocally without a single strain."

- Unique M.U.S.E

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